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  Announcement: Code application for travel! How to get HES code?  
  Dear Passangers,

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the preparation of an important HES Code in his statement after the Science Committee meeting. Minister Koca said, “Individuals will be able to show that they are not sick through the Hayat Eve Sıgar application. We are going to practice first in intercity transportation. You will be able to travel by plane and train using the code you will receive through the mobile application."

HES code can be obtained by entering the "HES code operations" section on the Hayat Eve Sıgar application. The code can also be received via SMS method. To get HES code with a text message, write HES and leave a space between them, respectively; ID number, last 4 digits of ID serial number and sharing period (in days) are written and sent to SMS number 2023.

Hayat Eve Sıgar mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and AppStore. You can download the application from mobile markets for free.

We will keep you informed regarding all developments.

*For further details regarding this matter and for all other inquiries you may contact Türk Ekspres Travel Consultants.

Yours faithfully
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