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  Announcement: COVID-19 Information and Advisories  
  Dear Passengers,

As Türk Ekspres continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are dedicated to keeping our clients and travelers informed with the latest updates on COVID-19.

Please note that available information and responses by governments, airlines, and other travel suppliers are being rapidly updated. This is becoming more frequent as local and national authorities respond to coronavirus developments around the world.


Government Advisories/Entry Bans

1. The UK is set to impose a 14 day quarantine for all arriving air passengers, which could take effect as early as this month; passengers arriving from France will likely be exempt.
2. The UK Government has announced plans to gradually lift the Lockdown
3. Management of Heathrow Airport has called on the UK Government to set out plans to reopen the country’s borders
4. The Spanish Government has called for a joint European Response to the airline industry crisis
5. Greece, France and Switzerland have all begun to ease containment measures
6. Russia has experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases, moving the national infection count to the third highest in the world

1. New Zealand will drop the National Alert Level to 2 (down from 4) on Thursday, allowing much of the economy, including domestic travel, to resume
2. Hong Kong is reportedly considering a relaxation of travel restrictions from Guangdong Province and Macau. Eligible travelers would be exempt from the 14 day quarantine requirement if they can provide a negative COVID-19 test.
3. Shanghai Disneyland has reopened
4. A new infection cluster in South Korea has caused a delay in the lifting of lockdown measures
5. Vietnam reopened schools today

1. Governor Cuomo has announced enhanced testing requirements for the New York State nursing homes
2. White House economic advisors have predicted that the national unemployment rate may reach 20% due to the COVID-19 pandemic
3. There have been several confirmed COVID-19 infections of employees who work in the White House

Infection Rates
The number of infections stands at 4.262.051. The countries with the highest rates of infection are:
1. U.S.: 1,399,905
2. Russia: 232,243
3. Spain: 228,030

Supplier Response
1. Lufthansa will begin flying around 80 aircraft in June
2. Sabre has stated that it will be able to financially withstand zero bookings for 18 months
3. IAG Chief Executive has issued criticism of the UK Government’s quarantine plan
4. Latin America’s Avianca Airlines filed for bankruptcy


Supplier Plans

1. Transportation Security Administration screening staff will be required to wear face masks
2. Travelers arriving at the Vienna Airport have the option of paying €190 for a rapid COVID-19 test in order to avoid the two week quarantine period
3. The US is considering requiring all passengers at US airports to wear face coverings at all times during their journeys

1. Singapore Airlines will not only require face masks for travelers but will also suspend meal service in some cases and take a number of additional measures, including traveler health declarations
2. Iberia Airlines will offer COVID-19 antibody tests to employees

We will keep you informed regarding all developments.

*For further details regarding this matter and for all other inquiries you may contact Türk Ekspres Travel Consultants.

Yours faithfully
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