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      December 2020 / Number: 74  
  - Greece Visa Application Center (Kosmos Visa Services) will request HES Code from all passengers as of Monday, 30.11.2020. Click for detailed info.

- Click for detailed information about Germany Covid-19 restrictions.

- All passengers traveling to Canada have to fill in a digital form via the ArriveCAN website or mobile application. Click for details.

- The Uzakrota Online Travel Summit was held on 1-2-3 December with the participation of the world's leading travel CEOs, founders, investors and travel industry leaders.

- Passport fee will increase by 9.11 percent in 2021.
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    Oman Air  
  Announcement: Information for passengers with flights regarding partial curfews to be imposed.

All our passengers to have a flight on the relevant dates will be exempt from the partial curfew restrictions to be applied as of Friday, 01 December 2020 as per the circular by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey.

Our passengers will be able to proceed with their transportation by submitting a flight document (mobile boarding pass or ticket screenshots) during the checks to be made in the restricted hours.

*For further details regarding this matter and for all other inquiries you may contact Türk Ekspres Travel Consultants.
  "MySpace" service from Oman Air for a comfortable and safe travel!

Check in online, reserve your side seat and enjoy your personal space.

Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, offers economy cabin passengers the opportunity to make sure that their seats are empty with its "MySpace" service. While this program of the airline makes travel easier, it also makes it more comfortable. With the "MySpace" service, passengers can select their seats through an interactive seating plan during online check-in, 48 hours before the departure time and 3 hours before their departure, and ensure that at least one seat next to them is empty.
    Announcement: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health - About the extension of the quarantine decision.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health; In line with the decisions taken by the communicable diseases supreme committee gathered within the scope of the communicable diseases law 45/2018, it has decided to apply the following items.
  - Quarantine decisions taken until 30 November have been extended until 23:59 on 31 December.
- Countries that were previously classified as A, B, C groups according to the risk categories related to entering the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be evaluated as a single category as of December 01. Accordingly, those who will enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from abroad will be subject to quarantine for 7 days, provided that they submit the negative PCR test result made in the last 3 days, and PCR tests will be performed at the end of the quarantine.
- Those who want to come to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for 3 days or less will be able to enter the country if they submit negative PCR test results and return tickets within the last 3 days. These people will be able to stay in the country for 3 days without quarantine if the second PCR test is taken at entrance and the result is negative. For stays longer than three days, they will be subject to a 7-day central quarantine.
- Passengers must have purchased a transfer. Passengers who cannot submit their transfer via voucher will not be allowed to leave until they are held in the area by the police and the transfer is organized.
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  T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı   Türkiye Cumhuriyeti İçişleri Bakanlığı  
  Announcement: Controlled normalization process circular amendment in accommodation facilities numbered 2020/6.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the new measures to be taken in the accommodation facilities to ensure that tourism activities can be carried out safely with the normalization process within the scope of the measures to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which is included in the "Pandemic" by the World Health Organization.

Click for all of the new measures.

*For further details regarding this matter and for all other inquiries you may contact Türk Ekspres Travel Consultants.
  Announcement: The Ministry of Interior sent a circular about "Restaurants in Accommodation Facilities" to 81 provincial governorships.

In the circular, all over the world and especially in the spread of the epidemic coronavirus that is experiencing a rapid increase in Europe and a rise in the number of patients seen in Turkey and the case was mentioned. It was reminded that with the circulars sent to the provinces before, the basic principles of the controlled social life period, such as cleaning, mask and distance rules, as well as the course of the epidemic and possible risks, were determined and reported to the governorships by determining new rules and measures to be followed for all areas of life.

With this circular, eating and drinking places such as restaurants, patisseries, cafes, cafeterias can be open between 10:00 and 20:00 only to provide take-away or take-away service, and at 20:00 by restaurant, restaurant or online food ordering companies. It was stated that it was stated that package service can be provided only by phone or by online order after. Click for detailed information.
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  Vize   Click for the policies and all announcements implemented by consulates due to "Corona Virus".

For any questions about visa, you can send an e-mail to vize@turkekspres.com.tr.
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