Announcemecent: Revision / Lebanon-Beirut PCR Test Application. Click for informations.
Announcemecent: Lebanon-Beirut PCR Test Application. Click for details.
Announcement: Departure to KKTC with old identity card will not be made after 30 June. Click for details.
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Announcement: For domestic car rentals, as per the new identity card process  even if the driver's license is loaded in the identity card, you must have the driver license with you at pick-up.  Click for details.
Announcement: Passengers flying to Turkey or another country via Turkey are required to submit a negative PCR test, sampled maximum 72 hours prior to their flight, as per the current regulation in Turkey. This procedure will be in effect as of 30 December 2020 12 AM, with the local dates and times of the departure countries. Click for details.
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Announcement: In line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, a curfew was imposed on Tuesday, 01.12.2020, effective from 21:00. Click for details.
Announcement: Greece Visa Application Center (Kosmos Visa Services) will request HES Code from all passengers as of Monday, 30.11.2020. Click for detailed info.
Announcement: About Covid-19 restrictions Germany. Click for details.
Announcement: As of November 9, 2020, the German government has decided to reimpose the travel warning for the all of Turkey. Click for details.
Announcement: the Consulate General of Greece in Istanbul temporarily halted tourist visa applications as of 09.11.2020 due to restrictions on tourist travel. Click for details.
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Announcement: Click here for current travel policies of countries.
Announcement: KKTC Ministry of Health; 45/2018 has decided to implement additional measures in accordance with the decisions taken by the Supreme Committee on Infectious Diseases gathered within the scope of the Infectious Diseases law. Click for details.
Announcement: HES code requirement in accommodation facilities. Click for details.
Announcement: Saudi Arabia visa applications will start on Monday, 28.09.2020. Click for details.
Announcement: The Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul started accepting visa applications. Click for details.

Announcement: About the necessity of having QR code in PCR test on flights from Turkey to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Click for details.

Announcement: Russia will accept visa applications on July 28-29-30.
Announcement: Click for updated information on 14 July 2020 based on the circular issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health.

Announcement: About the Egyptian Consulate. Click for details.
Announcement: We would like to inform you that the Consulate of Algeria has started accepting visa applications.
Announcement: About Covid-19 restraints on Spain travels. Click for details.
Announcement: About PCR Test Operations. Click for details.
Announcement: Turkish Airlines starts flight to Beirut on July 2. Click for details.
Announcement: The Dubai Crisis and Disaster Management High Board has announced new airline travel protocols for citizens, residents and visitors. Click for details.
Announcement: BLS International Spain Visa Application Center (Istanbul) started to serve on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Announcement: About Turkish Airlines' International Flights Starting from 11 June. Click for details.
Announcement: About Kazakhstan Travel Rules. Click for details.
Pegasus - Announcement regarding the resumption of Europe flights from 15 June 2020. Click for details.
Announcement: The UK Visa Application Center in Istanbul will begin serving on June 23. Clickfor details.
Announcement: Turkish Airlines - Arrival time to airports. Click for details.
Announcement: AnadoluJet - Flights to resume between 4 - 21 June. Click for details.
Announcement: Click for Turkish Airlines' current flight plan.
Türk Eskpres Travel Newsletter, June 2020. Click for details.
Announcement: Turkey's foreign flight plan has been announced. Click for details.
Announcement: The Circular of Controlled Normalization Process in Accommodation Facilities was published. Click for details.
Announcement: Click for the most up-to-date information that may affect your trip due to COVID-19.
Announcement: Code application for travel! How to get HES code? Click for details.
Announcement: The Greece Visa Application Centre - Working Hours. Click for details.
Announcement: Emirates starts flights on May 21. Click for details.
Announcement: COVID-19 Information and Advisories. Click for details.
Announcement: Precautions to be taken while traveling. Click for details.
Announcement: Turkish Airlines announced that it stopped flights until 28 May.
Announcement: About the "Corona Virus" Measures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs related to Flight Schedules. Click for details.
Announcement: Important explanation about domestic flights from Turkish Airlines. Click for details.
Announcement: An additional circular on Intercity Bus Passenger Transportation was announced within the scope of Corona Virus notifications. Click for details.
Announcement: An explanation about the flights from Civil Aviation. Click for details.
Announcement: Click for flight cancellations of Turkish Airlines.
Announcement: All domestic flights of Pegasus have been canceled. Click for details.
Announcement: Etihad Airways - About the transit flight ban. Click for details.
Announcement: About Turkish Airlines return payments. Click for details.
Announcement: Emirates stopped all its flights. Click for details.
Announcement: General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Click for details.
Announcement: UK Visa Section - Covid19 update. Click for details.
Announcement: About The Consulate General of Greece. Click for details.
Announcement: Germany and Italy Stopped Schengen Visa Applications. Click for details.
Announcement: Consulate General of Russia will not be accepting visa applications until 1 May 2020. Click for details.
Announcement: Consulate General of Egypt. Click for details.
Announcement: Consulate General of Switzerland. Click for details.
Announcement: Flight ban to 6 more countries. Click for details.
Announcement: Hungary, Norway, Portugal and Slovenia Stopped Schengen Visa Applications. Click for details.
Announcement: UAE suspends issuance of all entry visas from March 17. Click for details.
Announcement: Flight ban to 9 European countries. Click for details.
Announcement: Embassy of India in Ankara. Click for details.
Announcement: Saudi Arabia - About Corona Virus. Click for details.
Announcement: The Consulate General of Israel In Istanbul. Click for details.
Announcement: About the COVID-19 Outbreak and Additional Precautions. Click for details.
Announcement: INDEX™20 Exhibition Postponed to 20 - 23 October 2020. Click for details.
Unilever has chosen the Türk Ekspres company for the "Supply Chain Team Meeting" organization!
March is colored with Marshall! 
Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events has successfully completed the Marshall organizations in different cities of Turkey.
Within the scope of Oman Air's "Breakfast & Learn" event, our travel consultants completed the training program. 
Trip to Prague with Unilever Food Solutions! 
Our guests witnessed history with trips to Prague, Karlovy Vary and Terezin Concentration Camp. 
Henkel and Aon companies started working with Türk Ekspres, the representative of American Express Global Business Travel in Turkey. 
The new members of the Türk Ekspres family who joined the transfer team have successfully completed their driving training.
Türk Ekspres was awarded at the night of "2018 Emirates Stars" award ceremony being as one of the best selling travel agencies to Emirates Airlines. 
Unilever Change Leaders Conference 2019 event was held at Volkswagen Arena with the participation of 1100 Unilever employees. In this dazzling organization, where the Lipton cocktails are served in the foyer area, where both nostalgic and high-tech gaming and experience areas are served, the whole Unilever family made a start to the year with full of motivation. After the meeting, the party, sponsored by Axe,the guests exhausted with Suit Up and Deeperise during the rest of the day.
BASF Russia Distributor Meeting has ended. The organization held at Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel between 22-24 January by Türk Ekpsres Meetings & Events has received full marks from the participants. The guests really enjoyed Istanbul with the Balat Tour and enjoyful dinner as well as the meeting.
A memorable "Algida Launch" was completed with Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events! The organization carried out in the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek in Antalya; besides the meetings and activities, it has received full marks from the participants with the concerts of Ceza, Sibel Tüzün and Selami Şahin.
Türk Ekspres signed a sales agency contract with Corendon Airlines which is one of Turkey's leading touristic airlines.
SC Johnson and the Middle East Paris are a pleasant journey to Beirut... The city of Beirut, the ancient city of the Middle East, which hosted 17 different denominations and dozens of languages, hosted the SC Johnson team in a wonderful mood. Our delicious guests of the rich Lebanese cuisine had the opportunity to see Byblos, home to the Jeita and Phoenicians, one of the most important underground cities in the world. 
Upfield, which takes over the flag from Unilever, is sailing the future with a new energy and power. "Honoring the Past and Celebrating the New Year" event in Çorlu Margarine Factory in partnership with Unilever and Upfield ended with the handover ceremony. 
Another nice in Prague in November. 
BASF Turkey over the choice of distributors and dealers perform with the Prague trip was Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events. Guests of BASF had the opportunity to enjoy Prague before the harsh winter months. 
Another nice in Prague in November. 
BASF Turkey over the choice of distributors and dealers perform with the Prague trip was Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events. Guests of BASF had the opportunity to enjoy Prague before the harsh winter months. 
Diversey's choice is "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" Türk Ekspres. 
Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events organized by touching all the details of "Disinfection Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" meetings ended in Ankara and Malatya. The organizations, which were held in November, received full marks by the participants. 
Canon's new standard-setting, pioneering, mirrorless full-frame camera "EOS R" was introduced with the Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events distinction. Participants had the chance to experience Canon EOS R in Uniq Istanbul Glass Room in an unforgettable atmosphere with shows. 
The choice of HDI Insurance is Türk Ekspres! HDI Insurance, Liberty from buying the insurance operations in Turkey made its first trip to Mardin. leading insurance brokers in Turkey, Aysel Tumba hosted and Libby Erste guidance in different religions, languages ??and ancient hosts the culture of the city of Mardin mystical environment and they found the opportunity to explore local delicacies.
Baymak Orange Store opening took place! 
Only Baymak Orange Store's newest product was launched in Istanbul, where products focused on high energy efficiency and renewable energy. 
Fruit Attraction organized by BASF in Madrid, Spain, ended with the successful organization of Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events. Tourists visiting one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Madrid, accompanied by the guide, Özge Ersu, had the opportunity to taste delicious delicacies in the most elegant restaurants of the city. 
Unilever "Supply Chain" department meeting with 360 people was held in Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel with success. Our participants had an enjoyable time with Aret Vartanyan’s conversation and DJ performance held on afterwards.
We're flying with Canon... Canon's newest digital compact camera, the Powershot SX740, was experienced in the Istanbul skies via helicopter. The Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events received full marks once again while the participants experienced and takes such a wonderful pictures.
Infection Hunters 8 with 3M! 3M "Infection Hunters" seminar organized by Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events for the 8th time was successfully completed. Participants had the opportunity to have a fun time with the team activity and taste the delicious Gaziantep dishes.
Castrol distributors are in Prague! Castrol Turkey and Central Asia distributors experienced the most beautiful time of the fall of magnificent historical atmosphere of Prague with Türk Ekspres difference.
We have brought the historical background of Adile Sultan Yalısı together with the technology for the Solution Partners Summit of world giant IBM. Ali İhsan Varol's presentation, and the "Word Game" and the coloring organization ended with a pleasant cocktail.
Travel with Philips to the northern star Minsk. The star of the north hosted special customers of Belarusian capital Minsk Philips with the difference of Türk Ekspres. In this beautiful northern city, our guests who had the opportunity to see Russian culture and the effects of World War II more closely, also had the opportunity to experience the rich examples of Russian cuisine. 
Unilever Distributor Meeting organized by Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events was completed at Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Resort & Spa. In addition to the organizational meetings, the stage performances of Kaan Öztürk's Bar on the beach, Ümit Besen and Pamela's Gala Night were entertaining and unforgettable moments. 
Spring is another beautiful in Prague. Liberty Insurance hosted its authorized agents in Prague with the Türk Ekspres organization. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Liberty Insurance agents, who traveled to Prague with poet guide Özge Ersu, had the opportunity to taste delicious delicacies among the most stylish restaurants in the city. 
Held for the first time in Turkey and the World Expo Pepper Adana Agriculture Fair was held between 5-7 April. With the participation of BASF company with 350 people, Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events has signed a flawless organization. 
Philips factory visit to Philips. Philips welcomed private customers to its plant in Bupaşete. On the journey through the organization of the Türk Ekspres, Philips guests found this beautiful opportunity to get to know the city.
Unilever's successful field managers threw fatigue of the year in Belgrade. Our guests who have visited iconic places like Kalemajdan, Zemun, Tesla Museum which are rare structures that have been day-to-day visited by the Ottomans during their travels with the Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events organization have had a pleasant time on the boat trip in the Sava River.
One of the traditional Liberty Insurance trips was made in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East.
We have successfully completed the Sony Dealer Training Meeting! 
In addition to the organizational meeting held at Antalya Starlight Resort Hotel, the participants enjoyed pleasant moments such as Side Manavgat Tour, Karaoke and Bowling Tournament. 
We have successfully completed the Unilever Board of Directors meeting at StartersHub. The organization, which ran for 2 days, received a full score from the participants.
Marshall company in March "Dealer Meeting" We have completed the organization with the participation of about 2,780 people in various cities of Turkey. 
Unilever Unabeted!
The Canon Kick Off MeetingWorld’s Giant Unilever chose Türk Ekspres on all meetings and events this year, just like past 20 years.
CELGENE will start enjoying its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres starting from June 2014.
We keep getting thank you letters from Turkey’s and the World’s prominent companies who chose us on all of their meetings and events. We merged boutique and corporate understanding into one with our 20 MICE staff who are experts on their job.
We, as Türk Ekspres, have accepted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct as part of our social responsibility.
All drivers working for Türk Ekspres have attended the TRANFER PERSONEL VOCATIONAL TRAINING course held by the trainers of TÜRSAB and received their certificates on the 1st February 2014.
Türk Ekspres employees attended the Dynamic Team & Dynamic Travel Consultant training given by Brian S O’Reilly from American Express Business Travel between 22-23 January 2014. Attendees stated the training to be highly beneficial for them.
AKZO NOBEL held its meeting at Palazzo Donizetti Hotel between 8-12 December 2013.
SAAB Turkey will start enjoying its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres starting from December 2013. 
UNILEVER held its HPC Year End Sales meeting in Antalya Calista Luxury Resort between 9-11 December 2013.
JDSU Turkey has started receiving its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres since December 2013.
AIR LIQUIDE Turkey has started working with American Express Business Travel’s Turkey representative, namely Türk Ekpres.
AIR LIQUIDE Turkey has started working with American Express Business Travel’s Turkey representative, namely Türk Ekpres.
Our new web site has gone air on December the 15th.
UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS held its meeting at Le Meridien Etiler Hotel on 28th November 2013.
The new Elidor launch has been held in Moda Teras on 22nd November 2013.
YUDUM meeting has been held in Sheraton Atakoy on 13rd of November 2013.
CLINIQUE meeting has been held on the 12th of November 2013 in Adana and 22nd of November 2013 in Afyon respectively.
GOODYEAR training meetings have been held in various cities of Turkey between 11-22 November 2013.
Announcemecent: Revision / Lebanon-Beirut PCR Test Application. Click for informations.
Announcemecent: Lebanon-Beirut PCR Test Application. Click for details.
Announcement: Departure to KKTC with old identity card will not be made after 30 June. Click for details.
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