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Unilever's successful field managers threw fatigue of the year in Belgrade. Our guests who have visited iconic places like Kalemajdan, Zemun, Tesla Museum which are rare structures that have been day-to-day visited by the Ottomans during their travels with the Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events organization have had a pleasant time on the boat trip in the Sava River.
One of the traditional Liberty Insurance trips was made in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East.
We have successfully completed the Sony Dealer Training Meeting! 
In addition to the organizational meeting held at Antalya Starlight Resort Hotel, the participants enjoyed pleasant moments such as Side Manavgat Tour, Karaoke and Bowling Tournament. 
We have successfully completed the Unilever Board of Directors meeting at StartersHub. The organization, which ran for 2 days, received a full score from the participants.
Marshall company in March "Dealer Meeting" We have completed the organization with the participation of about 2,780 people in various cities of Turkey. 
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