We have brought the historical background of Adile Sultan Yalısı together with the technology for the Solution Partners Summit of world giant IBM. Ali İhsan Varol's presentation, and the "Word Game" and the coloring organization ended with a pleasant cocktail.
Travel with Philips to the northern star Minsk. The star of the north hosted special customers of Belarusian capital Minsk Philips with the difference of Türk Ekspres. In this beautiful northern city, our guests who had the opportunity to see Russian culture and the effects of World War II more closely, also had the opportunity to experience the rich examples of Russian cuisine. 
Unilever Distributor Meeting organized by Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events was completed at Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Resort & Spa. In addition to the organizational meetings, the stage performances of Kaan Öztürk's Bar on the beach, Ümit Besen and Pamela's Gala Night were entertaining and unforgettable moments. 
Spring is another beautiful in Prague. Liberty Insurance hosted its authorized agents in Prague with the Türk Ekspres organization. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Liberty Insurance agents, who traveled to Prague with poet guide Özge Ersu, had the opportunity to taste delicious delicacies among the most stylish restaurants in the city. 
Held for the first time in Turkey and the World Expo Pepper Adana Agriculture Fair was held between 5-7 April. With the participation of BASF company with 350 people, Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events has signed a flawless organization. 
Philips factory visit to Philips. Philips welcomed private customers to its plant in Bupaşete. On the journey through the organization of the Türk Ekspres, Philips guests found this beautiful opportunity to get to know the city.
Unilever's successful field managers threw fatigue of the year in Belgrade. Our guests who have visited iconic places like Kalemajdan, Zemun, Tesla Museum which are rare structures that have been day-to-day visited by the Ottomans during their travels with the Türk Ekspres Meetings & Events organization have had a pleasant time on the boat trip in the Sava River.
One of the traditional Liberty Insurance trips was made in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East.
We have successfully completed the Sony Dealer Training Meeting! 
In addition to the organizational meeting held at Antalya Starlight Resort Hotel, the participants enjoyed pleasant moments such as Side Manavgat Tour, Karaoke and Bowling Tournament. 
We have successfully completed the Unilever Board of Directors meeting at StartersHub. The organization, which ran for 2 days, received a full score from the participants.
Marshall company in March "Dealer Meeting" We have completed the organization with the participation of about 2,780 people in various cities of Turkey. 
Unilever Unabeted!
The Canon Kick Off MeetingWorld’s Giant Unilever chose Türk Ekspres on all meetings and events this year, just like past 20 years.
CELGENE will start enjoying its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres starting from June 2014.
We keep getting thank you letters from Turkey’s and the World’s prominent companies who chose us on all of their meetings and events. We merged boutique and corporate understanding into one with our 20 MICE staff who are experts on their job.
We, as Türk Ekspres, have accepted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct as part of our social responsibility.
All drivers working for Türk Ekspres have attended the TRANFER PERSONEL VOCATIONAL TRAINING course held by the trainers of TÜRSAB and received their certificates on the 1st February 2014.
Türk Ekspres employees attended the Dynamic Team & Dynamic Travel Consultant training given by Brian S O’Reilly from American Express Business Travel between 22-23 January 2014. Attendees stated the training to be highly beneficial for them.
AKZO NOBEL held its meeting at Palazzo Donizetti Hotel between 8-12 December 2013.
SAAB Turkey will start enjoying its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres starting from December 2013. 
UNILEVER held its HPC Year End Sales meeting in Antalya Calista Luxury Resort between 9-11 December 2013.
JDSU Turkey has started receiving its corporate travel services from Türk Ekspres since December 2013.
AIR LIQUIDE Turkey has started working with American Express Business Travel’s Turkey representative, namely Türk Ekpres.
AIR LIQUIDE Turkey has started working with American Express Business Travel’s Turkey representative, namely Türk Ekpres.
Our new web site has gone air on December the 15th.
UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS held its meeting at Le Meridien Etiler Hotel on 28th November 2013.
The new Elidor launch has been held in Moda Teras on 22nd November 2013.
YUDUM meeting has been held in Sheraton Atakoy on 13rd of November 2013.
CLINIQUE meeting has been held on the 12th of November 2013 in Adana and 22nd of November 2013 in Afyon respectively.
GOODYEAR training meetings have been held in various cities of Turkey between 11-22 November 2013.
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